February 14, 2017

Watch Kipp & Zonen’s innovations, captured on video in 90 seconds

The Meteorological Technology World Expo in Madrid was our stage to present 3 innovations to the international meteorological community. Not only did we officially launch the new RaZON+ all-in-one solar monitoring system, we also proudly introduced our new X-LAS MkII scintillometer and the AirShield for pyrheliometers. 

Watch the video recorded at the MTX Expo, in which our experts explain the benefits of the Razon+ and the X-LAS MkII and you get to meet our new CEO Erik Valks. Kipp & Zonen would like to thank the organisers of Meteorology Technology World Expo, UKIP Media, for recording the video.

The best affordable solution for measuring direct, diffuse and global solar irradiance: RaZON+

RaZON+, our new solar monitoring system is not just a sun tracker. Apart from a tracking device it consists of a data logger, GPS and two brand new smart radiometers. A shaded pyranometer measures diffuse radiation and a pyrheliometer measures direct radiation allowing RaZON+ to accurately calculate global irradiance. In addition, the system also provides sunshine duration and logs all measurement data internally. It is a truly all-in-one smart system. It is user-friendly and the price is very competitive.

Visit the RaZON+ product page to get all the information, such as specifications and the manual.

X-LAS MkII with a path length up to 12 km

If you are involved in research into heat fluxes over longer paths than 4.5 km, our new X-LAS MKII is the extra-large aperture scintillometer you are looking for. It has a path length of 1 to 12 kilometers!
At the Expo the blue beam transmitted from the demo X-LAS attracted a lot of attention (in reality it is invisible infrared). However, not a lot of people knew what a scintillometer actually is and does!

To learn about the applications, like water resource management or assessment of evapo-transpiration in the tropics, and about the benefits of scintillometry please visit the updated product pages with helpful documents and information.

New AirShield for pyrheliometers

The third innovation that we presented was the new AirShield, which we announced earlier this year. To protect a pyrheliometer from dust, dirt, sand and insects the new AirShield creates a high-flow air barrier in front of the window. If you use the AirShield you extend the maintenance interval for cleaning. While maintenance is time consuming and expensive, this can be very helpful, especially in remote locations. More information will become available soon.


We look forward to presenting all that’s cooking in our R&D kitchen in October next year at MTX 2017 in Amsterdam, in the capital of our home country!