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Smart city

Meteorological analysis and hyperconnection of information to optimize resources.


Applications for Smart city

DILUS offers systems that allows the sustainable control of environmental variables, key to intelligent cities.

A Smart City is a city in which services to citizens are more efficient thanks to the use of technology. It does not only comprise emission control or quality of air, it also allows to improve the supply of water, tourism information and information to the citizenship.

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Meteorological Aid For Heliports

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Benefits of Smart city

High-quality and professional instruments offer significant benefits for users, operators and authorities

Increase ^

  • Atractiveness of cities to the population and tourism
  • Information available to the citizenship
  • Health of the population
  • Availability of public resources

Reduce v

  • Non-compliances of European regulations
  • Response time to extreme phenomena
  • Necessity of taking drastic actions that impact the population

A complete system that adapts to your research needs

Design your system to measure, totally according to your needs. Our design and systems integration service will help you define the solution that best suits your needs, regardless of its size or complexity. Proceed here to develop your system, or contact us if you need advice for the definition, development and implementation of your system.

Design your system

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