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ITS (Traffic and Transport)

Solutions for meteorological and environmental monitoring of roads, tunnels, railways and ports.

  • Wind Speed and Direction
  • Air Temperature and Humidity
  • Visibility and Present Weather
  • Precipitation (Quantity, Intensitiy and Type)
  • Radiation
  • Pressure
  • Road condition
  • Road surface temperature
  • Water film height
  • Saline concentration
  • Opacity (EXCO)
  • Gas concentration (CO/NO2/NO)
  • Illuminance
  • Luminance
Infografía de uso de las instrumentaciones
1 Wind Speed and Direction
2 Air Temperature and Humidity
3 Visibility and Present Weather
4 Precipitation (Quantity, Intensitiy and Type)
5 Radiation
6 Pressure
7 Road condition
8 Road surface temperature
9 Water film height
10 Saline concentration
11 Opacity (EXCO)
12 Gas concentration (CO/NO2/NO)
13 Illuminance
14 Luminance

Applications for ITS (Traffic and Transport)

Intelligent Transportation Systems comprise the set of technological solutions aimed at improving the operation, safety and sustainability of transportation in all its aspects.

DILUS offers solutions for the measurement of atmospheric and environmental variables required in all fields of road, rail or maritime transport, complying with regulations and improving the safety and operations of these infrastructures.

Imagen de: Road Weather Stations (RWIS)
Road Weather Stations (RWIS)

Imagen de: Tunnel Instrumentation
Tunnel Instrumentation

Imagen de: Weather and air quality Ports
Weather and air quality Ports

Imagen de: Railway weather stations
Railway weather stations

Imagen de: Urban air quality
Urban air quality


Parámetro Rangos estándar Tecnologías de medición disponibles
Velocidad de Viento
Dirección de Viento
0 … 75m/s
0 … 360°
Mecánica (anemómetro de cazoletas y veleta)
Humedad relativa (Punto de rocío)
-30 … +70°C
0 … 100%RH
PTC / PT100 / PT1000
Presión atmosférica 600 … 1100hPa Barómetro
Precipitación 0,01 … 200mm/h Cangilón
Visibilidad 10m … 99.99km Scattering de luz
Tiempo presente Códigos incluidos en WMO 4680 (SYNOP) Scattering de luz
Estado de calzada
Presencia de hielo en calzada
Temperatura de calzada
Altura de película de agua
Seca, húmeda, mojada, nieve, hielo, fundente
0 … 100 %
-40 … +80°C
0 … 4mm
No intrusiva
Opacidad en túneles 0 … 15km-1 Transmisión de luz
Scattering de luz
Viento en túneles -20 … +20m/s Ultrasonidos
Concentración de CO y NO en túneles 0 … 300ppm CO
0 … 50ppm NO
Optico (absorción infrarroja)
Concentración NO2 en túneles 0 … 20ppm NO2 Óptico (absorción óptica diferencial)
Luminancia interior de túnel
Iluminancia en boca de túnel
0 … 20.000lux
0 … 10.000cd/m2

Benefits of ITS (Traffic and Transport)

Management systems require accurate and reliable information on atmospheric and environmental variables in order to anticipate possible incidents that could lead to complications for users of the different modes of transport.

Increase ^

  • Critical location monitoring capability
  • Reliability of the data obtained
  • Incident forecast
  • Ability to manage action plans
  • Optimization of maintenance tasks

Reduce v

  • Time spent on winter road maintenance tasks
  • Use of fluxes
  • System maintenance times
  • Accident risks
  • The environmental impact of operations

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