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Solutions for monitoring hydrological phenomena and their impact.

  • Wind speed and direction
  • IP camera
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Precipitation
  • Water level
  • Flow
  • Mobile flow sensor
  • Speed/Flow
  • Quality
  • Groundwater level
  • Nutrients
  • Water quality
Infografía de uso de las instrumentaciones
1 Wind speed and direction
2 IP camera
3 Temperature and humidity
4 Precipitation
5 Water level
6 Flow
7 Mobile flow sensor
8 Speed/Flow
9 Quality
10 Groundwater level
11 Nutrients
12 Water quality
12 Water quality
3 Temperature and humidity

Applications for Hydrology

DILUS has solutions that cover all hydrology applications, with instrumentation, sensors and systems of the highest quality.

Hydrology encompasses the study of the properties of water in the atmosphere and at the earth's surface. This includes the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of rivers, oceans, groundwater, precipitation, glacial masses and the impact on society.

Imagen de: Agriculture and Irrigation
Agriculture and Irrigation

Imagen de: Coastal waters and estuaries
Coastal waters and estuaries

Imagen de: Flow and Flow Rate
Flow and Flow Rate

Imagen de: Groundwater

Imagen de: Meteorology

Imagen de: Water Quality
Water Quality

Imagen de: Surface water
Surface water

Imagen de: Sea buoys
Sea buoys

Imagen de: Oceanography

Hydrology instrumentation icono

Hydrology instrumentation

  1. Sewage water
  2. Level
  3. Water Quality
  4. Flow
  5. Buoys


Parámetro Tecnologías Aplicaciones
Nivel Presión



Boya y contrapeso

Agricultura y riego

Aguas subterráneas

Aguas superficiales

Sistemas de alerta temprana



Hidrología urbana

Caudal Doppler

Sistemas mecánicos



Agricultura y riego

Aguas superficiales


Hidrología urbana

Calidad del agua Electroquímico




Boyas de calidad del agua

Estaciones de calidad del agua

Campañas de medición

Control de vertidos

Caracterización de la columna de agua

Nutrientes Fotómetros


Boyas de calidad del agua

Estaciones de calidad del agua

Biológicos Fluorómetros Boyas de calidad del agua

Estaciones de calidad del agua

“Harmfull Algae Blooms” HAB

Altura de ola Radar Oceanografía
Precipitación Balancín





Agricultura y riego

Aguas superficiales

Sistemas de alerta temprana


Hidrología urbana

Benefits of Hydrology

Professional instrumentation offers benefits for hydrology professionals that are evidenced, among others, in:

Increase ^

  • Flood response capacity
  • Reliability of data
  • The performance of hydroelectric generation
  • Safety in compliance with current legislation
  • Knowledge of water bodies
  • Security of supply for the population

Reduce v

  • Field visits and total cost of ownership
  • Response times to extreme events
  • Costs arising from flood damage
  • Pollution of water bodies

A complete system that adapts to your research needs

Design your system to measure, totally according to your needs. Our design and systems integration service will help you define the solution that best suits your needs, regardless of its size or complexity. Proceed here to develop your system, or contact us if you need advice for the definition, development and implementation of your system.

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