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Earth and atmospheric sciences

Understanding of natural phenomena occurring in the environment, analyzing the characteristics of the earth and its components.


Applications for Earth and atmospheric sciences

Atmospheric sciences are the study of phenomena of the Earth's atmosphere, its processes and effects on other Earth systems.

Instrumentation used in Atmospheric Sciences includes radio probes, LIDAR lasers and satellites for the measurement of variables such as temperature, cloud height and coverage, atmospheric aerosols and ozone column.

Imagen de: Thermal inversion
Thermal inversion

Imagen de: Atmospheric turbulence
Atmospheric turbulence

Imagen de: Roof of Clouds
Roof of Clouds

Imagen de: Aerosols

Imagen de: Ozone Column
Ozone Column

Imagen de: Solar and ultraviolet radiation
Solar and ultraviolet radiation

Imagen de: Geotechnics

Imagen de: Heat fluxes (Evapotranspiration)
Heat fluxes (Evapotranspiration)


Campo de estudio Parámetros Medio Instrumento
Atmósfera Columna de O3 y SO2 Aire Brewer MkIII
  Radiación UV Aire Brewer MkIII
  Flujos de calor sensible Aire Escintilómetro LAS MkII
  Evapotranspiración Aire Escintilómetro LAS MkII
  Radiación solar directa y dispersa Aire POM-01 y POM-02
  Perfil vertical de temperatura Aire MTP-5
  Perfil aerosoles por retrodispersión Aire Ceilómetro CHM 15k
  Altura de nubes, espesor de nubes Aire Ceilómetro CHM 15k
  Cobertura de nubes (TCC, BCC) Aire Ceilómetro CHM 15k
  Altura de la capa de aerosoles Aire Ceilómetro CHM 15k
  Visibilidad vertical (VOR) Aire Ceilómetro CHM 15k
  Índice de condiciones atmosféricas (SCI) Aire Ceilómetro CHM 15k

Benefits of Earth and atmospheric sciences

Professional instrumentation offers benefits for atmospheric science professionals that are evidenced, among others, in:

Increase ^

  • The quality of the measurements
  • Data availability
  • Useful information for climate change studies
  • Coverage of research lines
  • Unattended operation times

Reduce v

  • Measurement uncertainty
  • Data loss
  • Maintenance costs

A complete system that adapts to your research needs

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