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Analysis of the impact of meteorology on the implementation of innovative human sciences


Applications for Biosciences

Dilus offers the market a wide range of products and systems to provide measurement solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Innovative measurement equipment and systems to support research and teaching related to plants, soil, atmospheric gas measurements, solar radiation and ecosystems.

Imagen de: Eddy Covariance
Eddy Covariance

Imagen de: Gas Analyzers
Gas Analyzers

Imagen de: Photosynthesis

Imagen de: Soil Gas Flux
Soil Gas Flux

Imagen de: Leaf area
Leaf area

Imagen de: Light

  • Gas analyzers (CO2/H20/CH4/N20)
  • Soil flux measurement long term chamber
  • Soil flux measurement portable smart chamber
  • Wind sensors
  • Solar radiation sensor
  • CO2/H20 gas analyzer
  • Ultrasonic anemometer
  • CH4/H20 gas analyzer
  • Temperature and relative humidity probe
  • Net radiometer
  • Solar panel
  • Precipitation sensor
  • Temperature and humidity soil sensor
Infografía de uso de las instrumentaciones
1 Gas analyzers (CO2/H20/CH4/N20)
2 Soil flux measurement long term chamber
3 Soil flux measurement portable smart chamber
4 Wind sensors
5 Solar radiation sensor
6 CO2/H20 gas analyzer
7 Ultrasonic anemometer
8 CH4/H20 gas analyzer
9 Temperature and relative humidity probe
10 Net radiometer
11 Solar panel
12 Precipitation sensor
13 Temperature and humidity soil sensor


Campo de estudio Parámetro Medio Instrumento
Plantas CO2 Hoja/Medio acuoso/Aire LI-6800/LI-830/LI-850
  H2O Hoja/Medio acuoso LI-6800
  Conductancia estomática Hoja LI-6800/LI-600
  Fluorescencia a clorofila Hoja/Medio acuoso LI-6800/LI-600
  Radiación PAR Hoja/Aire LI-6800/LI-600/LI-190R/LI-191R/LI-180
  Índice de área foliar Dosel vegetal LAI-2200C
  Área Foliar Hoja LI-3100C
Ecosistemas CO2/H2O Aire LI-7500DS/LI-7200RS/LI-7810/LI-7815/LI-830/LI-850
  CH4 Aire LI-7700/LI-7810
  N2O Aire LI-7820
  Viento en 3D Aire Consultar varias opciones
  Tª y HR Aire Consultar varias opciones
  Viento horizontal Aire Consultar varias opciones
  Radiación solar global Aire LI-200R
  Radiación PAR Aire LI-190R
  Radiación neta Aire Consultar varias opciones
  Tª y Humedad Suelo Stevens Hydra Probe II
  Calor latente Suelo Consultar varias opciones
  Precipitación Aire Consultar varias opciones
Respiración Suelos CO2/H2O Suelo LI-870/LI-7815
  CH4 Suelo LI-7810
  N2O Suelo LI-7820
  Tª y Humedad Suelo Stevens Hydra Probe II
Medida de radiación solar Radiación solar global Aire LI-200R
  Espectro radiación PAR Aire LI-180
  Radiación PAR Aire LI-190R/LI-191R
  Radiación PAR Agua LI-192/LI-193
  Radiación visible Aire LI-210R
Gases atmosféricos CO2/H2O Aire LI-7815/LI-830/LI-850
  CH4/CO2/H2O Aire LI-7810
  N2O Aire LI-7820
  Generador punto rocío Aire LI-610

Benefits of Biosciences

The equipment and systems for Biosciences with which DILUS works meet the highest quality standards, ensuring customers the following benefits:

Increase ^

  • The quality of the measurements
  • Data availability
  • Coverage of research lines
  • Intercomparability of data between national and international research centers
  • After-sales scientific support

Reduce v

  • Measurement uncertainty
  • Data loss
  • Data post-processing times

A complete system that adapts to your research needs

Design your system to measure, totally according to your needs. Our design and systems integration service will help you define the solution that best suits your needs, regardless of its size or complexity. Proceed here to develop your system, or contact us if you need advice for the definition, development and implementation of your system.

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