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Air quality

Analysis of air characteristics and their relationship with gas emissions derived from human activity.

First level technological solutions for the evaluation of urban air quality and the control of atmospheric emissions of industrial origin.


Applications for Air quality

Air quality and emission control are becoming increasingly important for the population and industry.

DILUS markets analyzers for continuous air quality control, as well as equipment for occasional use, used by control bodies and entities responsible for carrying out inspections and verifying compliance with regulations.

Imagen de: Industrial Emissions
Industrial Emissions

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Industrial Hygiene

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Environmental Quality Indoors

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Urban Air Quality

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Animal Husbandry

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Industrial Ambient Air

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Water Depuration

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Waste Management

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Environmental Impact of Infrastructures

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Extractive Activities and Mineral Industries

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Oil and Gas

  • Sequencial sampler EN 12341:2014 certified
  • Automatic air quality measurement station
  • Air quality multiparameter compact analyzer
Infografía de uso d instrumentacion calidad del aire
1 Sequencial sampler EN 12341:2014 certified
2 Automatic air quality measurement station
3 Air quality multiparameter compact analyzer


Amplia gama de analizadores y equipos para control ambiental

Medición de gases en calidad del aire Equipo con técnicas de referencia

Equipos “near reference”

Calibradores dinámicos por dilución Sistemas modulares mediante instalación de una amplia gama de controladores de flujo másico para equipos fijos o portátiles
Generadores de aire Equipos fijos o portátiles
Determinación de material particulado Captadores de partículas para análisis gravimétrico de Partículas totales, PM10, PM2.5

Medición automática a través de sistemas ópticos

Trenes de muestreo isocinético

Control de gases de combustión en emisiones Analizadores de gases en emisión por células electroquímicas y técnicas descritas en normativa
Evaluación de COT Analizadores FID en emisiones
Control de olores Analizadores multiparamétricos para determinación de H2S y compuestos presentes en el biogás

Benefits of Air quality

High-quality and professional instruments offer significant benefits for users, operators and authorities

Increase ^

  • Reliable air quality information and knowledge
  • Ability to take action in response to pollution episodes
  • Control over industry emissions
  • Legal certainty for the authorities

Reduce v

  • Maintenance costs
  • The need for field interventions
  • The need to calibrate equipment

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