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Obtaining data to analyze the meteorological impact on aviation


Applications for Aeronautics

Aircraft landing and take-off is one of the most critical moments that occur at airports and heliports.

Depending on the category of the runway and the service of the airfield or heliport, different types of meteorological aids are required to be installed. In addition to this, software systems process the information and transmit it to the aircraft according to international and national regulations.

Imagen de: Operation and Maintenance
Operation and Maintenance

Imagen de: Meteorological Aid For Heliports
Meteorological Aid For Heliports

Imagen de: Weather aid for airports
Weather aid for airports

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Precipitation
  • Pressure
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Visibility and present weather
  • Mobile runway sensor
  • Lightning detector
  • Stationary runway sensor
  • Cloud height
Infografía de uso de las instrumentaciones
1 Wind speed and direction
2 Precipitation
3 Pressure
4 Temperature and humidity
5 Visibility and present weather
6 Mobile runway sensor
7 Lightning detector
8 Stationary runway sensor
9 Cloud height
8 Stationary runway sensor


Parámetro Rangos de acuerdo a WMO Publication No. 8 Precisiones deseables de acuerdo a ICAO Annex 3
Velocidad de Viento 0 … 75m/s ± 0,5m/s (1kt) hasta 5m/s (10kt)
± 10% por encima de 5m/s (10 kt)
Dirección de Viento 0 … 360° ± 10°
Racha de Viento 0,1 … 150m/s ± 1m/s (2 kt)
Temperatura del aire
Temperatura de Punto de rocío
-80°C … +60°C
-80°C … +35°C
± 1°C
Humedad relativa 0 … 100%
Presión atmosférica (QNH, QFE) 500 … 1080hPa ± 0,5 hPa
Cantidad de Precipitacion 0 … 500mm
Intensidad de Precipitacion 0,02mm/h … 2000mm/h
Visibilidad (MOR) 10m … 100km ± 50m hasta 600m
± 10% entre 600m y 1500m
± 20% por encima de 1500m
RVR ± 10m hasta 400m
± 25m entre 400m y 800m
± 10% por encima de 800m
Cantidad de nubes 0/8 … 8/8 ± 1okta
Altura de base de nubes 0m … 30km ± 10m (33 ft) hasta 100m (330ft)
± 10% por encima de 100m (330ft)

Benefits of Aeronautics

Professional instrumentation offers benefits for aeronautical professionals, which are evidenced, among others, in:

Increase ^

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Incident forecast
  • Management capacity
  • Optimization of maintenance tasks

Reduce v

  • Runway and airport closure periods
  • Maintenance costs
  • Accident risks
  • Flux consumption

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