Quality and environmental policy

Our company dedicated to the distribution of meteorological equipment and technical assistance for its installation, repair and maintenance has defined its Quality and Environmental Policy based on three basic pillars:

To continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality and environmental system, establishing quality and environmental objectives and revising them continuously.

To achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
Commitment to pollution prevention

This will be achieved by constantly improving the quality and environmental commitment in our services. To this end, we are committed to:

- Comply with the requirements specified by our customers and, other interested parties, especially with the legislation and regulations in force both in terms of quality and environment and other requirements that the organization may subscribe, related to its environmental aspects.

- Detect and correct our mistakes avoiding their appearance, to obtain a level of excellence in our work.

Report the problems we detect, suggesting and implementing improvements.
Apply evaluation mechanisms to guide subsequent corrections and innovations.

and innovations.

- Identification, evaluation and control of our environmental aspects.

- To watch over the constant improvement of the administrative-financial system of our company.

- Implement technical and human resources to improve the technical conditions of our workplaces.

- Raise awareness among personnel, third parties working in our facilities or subcontracted, and interested parties about this policy and commitments assumed by the company.

- Promote recycling and proper use of natural resources among DILUS personnel and third parties working in our facilities.

This quality and environmental policy will be made public through the DILUS website.

The internal dissemination is done through the usual channels of dissemination existing in DILUS.

Date: 15/11/2015 Edition: 5

4. To which recipients will your data be communicated?

We inform you that Dilus Instrumentación y Sistemas, S.A. has contracted a series of external services with other entities that requires or may require access to personal data with which a Data Processor contract has been signed.

These services are:

Tax and labor management.
Computer maintenance service.

- Banks.

- Others ...

How long do we keep your personal data?

For as long as the commercial relationship is maintained...

YES/No international data transfers are made

(In case of international transfers, what are the assumptions accepted by the RGPD for such transfer).