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X1-HORNET is the High Volume sampler designed to be used in OUTDOOR environments for sampling: suspended particulate matter (SPM) on filter holder for 150 mm diameter membranes – IPA, dioxins and furans in the gas and particulate phase on filters Ø 102 mm and glass cartridge PUF/XAD2- Particulate matter (PM10/PM2.5). Complies with ISO 12884 (particulate matter/gas), ISO 16362 (particulate matter), USEPA T09 and T013A (particulate matter/gas). The flow meter used is a Venturi one and it is made in accordance with the standard UNI EN ISO 5167. Equipped with a 4 stage blower with a 60 m3/h or 90 m3/h brushless motor.

  • flow electronic control
  • control of the sampling flow rate at the current conditions and at the reference conditions
  • keypad and large backlight LCD display for easy management of data sampling
  • non-volatile memory, RS232 interface and USB Host
  • reporting alarms via GSM (option)
Imagen de X1 – HORNET


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