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Wind Transmitter compact 4.3519.40.000

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Part number: 4.3519.40.000
Measuring transmitter for the measurement of the horizontal wind velocity with frequency output (active signal). Suitable for data loggers.
The cup-star consists of plastic, the housing is made of anodised aluminium and plastic. The instrument has a threaded pin PG 21 with 2 nuts for mounting.

For the more difficult use in the high mountains or at other critical sites, where icing might be expected frequently, the wind transmitters can be equipped with a reinforced heating.
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Part number: 4.3519.40.000

Wind speed
Measuring range
0.5 … 50 m/s
< 0.1 m/s
±3 % of meas. value or ± 0.5 m/s
Data output digital
2 … 630 Hz
Operating voltage
3.3 … 42 V DC
Current consumption
< 1 mA
24 V AC/DC, max 60 W
Ambient temp.
-40 … +70 °C
Electr. connection
12 m cable, LiyCY
5 x 0.5 mm²
IP 55
Ø 135 x 165 mm
0.75 kg
Imagen de Wind Transmitter compact 4.3519.40.000

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