VPF-710 Visibility Sensor

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The VPF-710 Visibility sensor provides high quality visibility measurement in a compact and highly robust package.

The open design of the sensor head allows the free passage of air ensuring the visibility measurement is as accurate as possible in all conditions. Other features of the design ensure the correct response to all precipitation types as well as smoke and dust. The VPF-710 is highly resistant to disturbance from nearby light sources such as aviation obstacle warning lights, both constant and flashing. Even the latest generation of IR obstacle lights are not a problem.

The sensor is well suited to use in aviation applications due to the measurement accuracy, overall reliability and longevity. Full compliance with the visibility measurement requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organisation Runway Visual Range specification and easy integration of the Biral ALS-2 ambient light sensor makes VPF-710 particularly suited for use in Runway Visual Range (RVR) applications.

As standard the sensor is fitted with an extensive self-test monitoring capability which includes window contamination monitoring and output compensation. The VPF-710 can be AC mains or low voltage DC powered and hood heaters are available for use in areas prone to snow.

Measurement Visibility, EXCO
Output RS232, Optional RS422/RS485
Measurement Principle Forward scatter 45°
Measurement Error 2% at 2,000m
Sensor Power 12 V DC, 24V DC, 120 V AC or 240 V AC (6W Approx)
Hood Heating Power 30W
Window heating and contamination monitoring Fitted
Operating Temperature -50°C to 60°C
Operating Humidity 0 – 100% RH
Protection rating IP66
Weight (Sensor Head) 4.9 kg DC: 6.1kg AC
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