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Urban Scanner Overview:

The Urban Scanner™ is a complete platform that provides detailed air quality information within urban landscapes. It achieves this by collecting and combing through a variety of information such as air pollution concentration, a 3D map of the city, traffic conditions, micro-weather patterns, and more.

Urban Scanner data is collected using a weather-proof, easily mountable device installed on the roof of a vehicle. The data is then processed using sophisticated AI-based algorithms in order to extract key information and correlate them to an air quality value at any location within a sampling environment. An advanced deep learning algorithm is then used to generate geo-spatial predictions of urban pollution. This means that with enough collected data, the system can provide pollution concentration values for locations that the Urban Scanner has not even sampled! The model can also be used to identify polluted zones and pinpoint the source(s) of local pollution.

Unparalleled Urban Scanner Sensor Technology:

  • Gas analyzers
  • Laser scattered particulate matter
  • Ultrasonic anemometer
  • LIDAR (optional)
  • 360 degree camera
  • High resolution compass
  • GPS receiver
  • Noise sensor
  • EMF detector

Dimensions and Weight of Urban Scanner:

39.4″ x 24.4″ x 43.3″ x 80 lbs


Maximum Sensors: 6 (Click here for full sensor list)
Type of Sensors: PID, NDIR, EC, Laser Particulate Counter, MOS, and noise


Sampling Rate: Adjustable from 1/s to 1/m
Sampling Ports: 1 to 2


Power Requirements: Requires 12v, 90w through a continuous power supply


Communication: 3G / 4G (default) LAN (default) WiFi (optional)
On Board Data Storage: 500gb SSD
Cloud Server: Included by default
Local Server: Optional
On-Board Server: Included by default
User Interface: On board screen with remote access to SIMS 2.0 (Sensor Information Management System)
Software: Free access to SIMS for life of product


Temperature Range with AC unit:  -50 to 50 °C, with Gas Analyzer kept in AC regulated cabin


Manual Calibration: Using calibration gas and on-board screen
Automatic Calibration: Optional, using built-in calibration gas


Warranty: 24 months full warranty on all parts including sensors
Sensor Replacement: Sensor dependent; first 2 years are covered by warranty


Mounting Hardware: Vehicular mounting hardware dependent


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