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SWS-250 Visibility & Present Weather Sensor

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The SWS-250 is optimised for use in aviation applications where both visibility and extended present and past weather information is required.

The sensor measures: visibility (MOR, EXCO and TEXCO), fog, haze, drizzle, snow, hail and other non-frozen precipitation according to WMO table 4680. METAR coded outputs are also provided.

For ultimate visibility performance the visual range extends to 99.99km allowing use in meteorological observation networks and research applications.

The enhanced present weather information from the SWS-250 is due to the backscatter receiver which allows detailed precipitation analysis and the use of algorithms developed for Biral’s flagship VPF-750 present weather sensor.

Easy integration of the Biral ALS-2 ambient light sensor makes the SWS-250 perfect for use in aviation applications where both RVR and METAR data are needed. Calibration in the field can be accomplished quickly and simply by a single operator using the optional calibration kit

Measurement Visibility, MOR
Present weather. 39 WMO Table 4680 Codes
Measurement Principle Forward scatter 45°
Measurement Error 5% at 1,500m
Sensor Power 9 – 36 V DC (6W)
Hood heating power 24 V AC or DC (36W)
Operating Temperature -40°C to 60°C
Operating Humidity 0 – 100% RH
Protection rating IP66/IP67
Weight 3.5 kg
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