Isokinetik Probe


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The STANDARD probes are made entirely of stainless steel. They integrate the measuring tube (Darcy with thermocouple) and the sampling tube with nozzles and filter holder that, united by the slider and fastener to the flue, allow to perform isokinetic sampling of dusts in emissions in stacks without or with little condensation. All components are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 16911-1 and UNI EN 13284-1. The assembled probe can be used in flues with inlet hole with the minimum diameter of 80 mm. The slider which is fixed to the stack allows tube handling in parallel to the execution of automatic isokinetic sampling. They are completely removable to facilitate transport and allow the use of the measuring tube independently of the sampling tube in small stacks.

  • maximum temperature of usage 600 °C
  • available in different lengths: 500 mm – 1000 mm – 1500 mm – 2000 mm – 2500 mm

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