Snow Depth Sensor SHM31

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Imagen de: Snow Depth Sensor SHM31

The laser-based snow depth sensor Lufft SHM31 stands for millimeter-accurate snow level detection over long distances in all weather conditions without any maintenance, due to opto-electronic/laser based rangefinder technology.

Millimeter-accurate snow levels in all weather conditions: The SHM 31 operates with a visible, easy-to-measure measuring beam. The snow depth is given up to 15 meters within seconds, millimeter-accurate and reliable. Various heating functions significantly extend the lifetime of the laser diode and allow high-quality measurement data in all weather conditions. Regular maintenance becomes redundant with the SHM 31. A very robust housing and an elaborate operation principle allows almost no maintenance work throughout the lifetime of the sensor.

  • Snow depth
  • opto-electronic measuring technique (rangefinder; laser distance sensor) with eye-safe laser
  • Determination of snow depth over long distances, heating options allow high quality measurements in all weather conditions, simplified installation due to automatic inclination angle compensation
  • RS485 & RS232 with Modbus RTU, UMB, UMB-ASCII 2.0 & SDI12 protocol
  • 8365.30
Dimensions (LxWxH) 302 × 130 × 234 mm
Weight 2.35 kg
Operating parameters
Temperature range -40 … +50 °C
Relative humidity 0 … 100%
Measuring parameters
Snow Depth 0 … 15 m
Mounting distance to surface 0.1 … 16 m
Accuracy (snow depth)2 ± (5 mm + 0.06 %)
Repeatability 0.6 mm
Intermediate precision/ reproducibility 5 mm
RS485 Modbus RTU , ASCII, UMB protocol
RS232 ASCII protocol
SDI-12 SDI-12 protocol
Data transfer mode Polling (UMB, ASCII, SDI-12); Auto telegram output (ASCII)
Electrical parameters
typ. power consumption at 24VDC and 10 s measurement interval without heater: approx. 0.7 W; with window heating: approx. 3.4 W
Power supply 12 or 24 VDC, tolerance +/- 15%
Maximum power consumption(connecting power with heater on) 18 W
Laser classification Laser class 2 (IEC 60825-1:2014);
complies with 21 CFR 1040.10 except for deviations pursuant to Laser Notice No. 50, dated June 24, 2007
Protection class IP68
EMC EN 61326-1:2012 (industrial standard)
EC 2014/30/EU & RoHS 2011/65/EU
Imagen de Snow Depth Sensor SHM31
Imagen de Snow Depth Sensor SHM31
Imagen de Snow Depth Sensor SHM31
Imagen de Snow Depth Sensor SHM31
Imagen de Snow Depth Sensor SHM31

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