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RWS-30 Road Tunnel Weather Sensor

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RWS-30 Road Tunnel Weather Sensor


The RWS-30 Road Tunnel Weather Sensor is designed for use in road and tunnel applications where accurate and reliable visibility measurements are required. The forward scatter measurement principle provides a compact design with measurements that are both accurate and reliable in all weather conditions. The RWS-30 outputs have been chosen to match those recommended for use in tunnel systems.

  • 200m to 99.99km measurement range
  • Compact forward scatter design
  • Not affected by lights
  • Easily installed by one person
  • Window heating and contamination monitoring
  • EXCO and MOR Outputs
  • Analogue voltage and current outputs
  • Serial data output (RS232, RS422 or RS485)
  • 2 Years warranty


Measurement Visibility (MOR & ESCO)
Output RS232, RS422 or RS485
4-20mA and relay outputs
Measurement principle Forward scatter meter with 39° to 51° angle, centred at 45°
Measurement error ≤10.0% at 200m to 10,000m
≤20.0% at 10,001m to 30,000m
Sensor power 9-36Vdc
Window contamination monitoring Fitted as standard to both sensor head windows
Operating temperature -40°C to +60°C
Operating humidity 0-100% RH
Protection rating IP66/IP67
Weight 4.3kg
Colour Grey – RAL 7045
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