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Radiosonda M10

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General description 

A radiosonde is a meteorological instrument which, launched under a balloon, transmits pressure, temperature, humidity and wind data (speed and direction) measured in the atmosphere.

The M10GPSonde is the latest generation of MeteoModem radiosonde, already used by many altitude observation networks of National Meteorological Services all over the world (more than 120 systems in almost 60 countries).
The instrument allows real-time radio transmission of OCT data (pressure, temperature, and humidity) and wind measurement (speed and direction). The data are stored, processed and analyzed by our software. Pressure is measured from GPS altitude (concept introduced by Meteomodem). This method is now recognized and recommended by the WMO, which recognizes the M10 under code 77. The M10 is currently undergoing GRUAN certification with the support of Météo France and IPSL.


Among the new features, the improvement of the humidity measurement results as well as the treatment of the wet bubble phenomenon represent the most significant developments of the M10 radiosonde.
Automatic change of probe frequency by infrared connection. Powered by alkaline batteries, less harmful to the environment (fauna and flora).

– Dimensions: 95*95*88.5mm.
– GPS 12 channels offering an almost instantaneous initialization time.
– Low weight : 150gr batteries included
– Compact electronics with low power consumption offering a longer autonomy.
– Flexible radio antenna
– Reliable operation up to 30 km of altitude
– Battery life of more than 210 min (3 hours 30 minutes)
– Launch authorization, indicated directly on the probe
– Full compatibility with our automatic launch system Robotsonde
– Pressure calculated from GPS altitude
– Three inputs available for connection to additional sensors (Ozone probe,…)


– Meteorological: Army and Forces radio sounding
– Military: Aeronautical and maritime meteorological information, ballistic tests.
– Research: Laboratories, specialized research institutes, Universities


Differential GPS with C/A code altitude
Altitude not limited
Position accuracy : 10 m
Horizontal wind accuracy : 0.15 m/s
Wind direction accuracy : 1 °
Position resolution : 0.01 m
Horizontal wind resolution : 0.01 m/s
Wind direction resolution : 0.1 °
Measurement frequency : 1 Hz


Sensor type: Capacity
Measurement range: 0% to 100%
Resolution: 0.1%
Absolute accuracy: 5%
Response time: < 2s
Measurement frequency: 1 Hz
Ground calibration
Measurement channel calibration: Stored in EEPROM


Measurement range : 1100 to 3 hPa
Accuracy : ±1 hPa at surface; ±0.1 hPa at 60 hPa
Resolution : 0.1 hPa


Sensor type :Thermistor
Measurement range 60°C to -90°C
Resolution 0.01°C
Absolute accuracy : 0.5°C
Response time < 2 s
Measurement frequency 1 Hz
Ground calibration Possible
Measurement channel calibration Stored in EEPROM

Imagen de Radiosonda M10
Imagen de Radiosonda M10
Imagen de Radiosonda M10
Imagen de Radiosonda M10
Imagen de Radiosonda M10
Imagen de Radiosonda M10


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