Precipitation Transmitter 5.4033.35.0xx

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Imagen de: Precipitation Transmitter 5.4033.35.0xx

Part number: 5.4033.35.0xx
Instrument serves as sensor for quantity and intensity of precipitation, for the analogue transmission of measuring values.
The precipitation is conducted into the tipping bucket via the collecting area and funnel. On achieving the maximum volume capacity the bucket tips over. Each tipping event is acquired contract-free, is linearized, and output for further processing.

Analogue output:
The following output functions are selectable:
1.) The analogue output is available as accumulated value in proportion to the precipitation
pulses. Here, the analogue value is reset automatically to zero mm precipitation in case of measuring value exceeding, or through an external pulse.

2.) The analogue output can deliver the data as gliding accumulated value over a selectable time (10 / 60 min., 6 / 24 h ).

Pulse output:
The precipitation pulse is available in parallel to the analogue output via an optocoupler


Part number: 5.4033.35.0xx

Collecting area
200 cm²
0.1 mm
Meas. principle
tipping buccket
max. 11 mm / min
Data output digital
Output type
Data output analog
Meas. range
10 / 20 / 25 / 50 mm prec.
Operating voltage
5 … 24 V DC
24 V AC/DC, 48.5 W
on mast tube Ø 1,5“
Ø 186 x 445 mm
3.3 kg
Matirial housing
stainless steel
Imagen de Precipitation Transmitter 5.4033.35.0xx

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