Precipitation Monitor

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Part number: 5.4103.10.x00
It can be used for status report, or as signal transmitter for the control of rain protection devices, such as windows, awnings, or Venetian blinds. The precipitation is detected opto-electronically via a measuring area of approx. 25 cm².
A relay-contact signalises the state of precipitation. (Precipitation yes/no).
Integrated heating avoids snow covering or freezing of the instrument during winter operation.
Delivery including mast holder, which can be used for wall mounting as well.


Part number: 5.4103.10.x00

Collecting area
25 cm²
Meas. principle
optical, infrared photo sensor
Particle size
> 0.2 mm
Data output digital
Output type
Precipitation yes / no
Electr. output
single-pole double throw switch
Switch-on condition
1 … 15 incid. within
50s adjustable
Switch-off condition
25 … 375 s in 25 s
steps adjustable
Operating voltage
24 V AC/DC ±15%
Current consumption
ca. 70 mA
max. 1 A
Ambient temp.
-30 … +60 °C
IP 65
130 x 140 x 40 mm
0.4 kg
Imagen de Precipitation Monitor

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