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ADEC’s parking occupancy detector (POD) is a battery operated, quad-technology detector designed to monitor the occupancy status of a single car parking space. The detector is inserted into the pavement to be flush with the surface. To assist the mounting operation, ADEC Technologies provides a bracket that provides a mounting point for the POD.

The POD is part of the fully IoT (Internet-of-Things), cloud-integrated parking management solution that is designed from the ground up to exchange and store occupancy data in the cloud, which makes it also easy to access occupancy status information through easy-to-use web-interfaces into any third-party visualization and/or parking guidance software.

Supply Batteries for nominal 7 years of operation
Detection delay ~ 5 seconds


RF in license-free band (e.g. 866 MHz) Range: 1000 m (LOS), 250 m (typ.)
Dimensions see drawing
Housing Weather-proof plastic enclosure
Weight app. 150 g (without bracket)
Multi sensor detector For unparalleled detection performance
Accuracy > 99 %
Operating Temperature -40° to +70°C (-40° to +160°F)
Humidity 100 % (continuous submersion)
IP protection IP 68 (continuous submersion)
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