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A state of the art hardware and software…

  1. Flat-array antenna designed with numerical modelization
  2. Very small electronic case with low power consumption
  3. Innovative Signal processing:
    • Multi frequency-coding
    • Adaptive S/N variation per frequency point
    • Apparent angle of arrival technique
    • Unique Noise Subtraction Technique
  • WIFI for local control (up to 100m); Wireless modem and/or Satellite terminal for remote control.
  • Solar panels, antenna heating, extra acoustic enclosure and other additional options are also available.
  • In and offshore studies.
  • Meteorological studies.
  • Military applications.
…allows Remtech to offer the smallest and most performant systems in the market

  • automatic real-time data validation
  • easy to install system and to select software parameters
  • work under extreme weather conditions (-40° C to + 60° C)
  • GPS, 2D inclinometer, pressure, temperature and humidity sensors
Typical applications

  • Wind energy and power plant site assessment.
  • Environmental impact analyses.
  • Wind shear detection on airports.
  • Regional wind studies for pollutant dispersion analysis.
  • In and offshore studies
  • Meteorological studies.
  • Military applications.
Total system weight
Power consumption (watts)
Average range in typical conditions
7 KG
400 m
Imagen de PA-XS


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