OTT Orpheus Mini

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The OTT Orpheus Mini is an integrated pressure sensor and datalogger for level measurement in surface and groundwater applications. It features a robust ceramic measuring cell for long term accuracy and its built in datalogger manages and stores all measurements at user-programmable intervals.

*Parameters Measured Water Level
Battery Type Alkaline
Body material Stainless steel 1.4539 (904L) resistant to sea water
Calibrated Range +41 – +113 °F (+5 – +45 °C)
Interface Infrared (IrDA)
Length System Length: 5 – 656 ft (±1 %; ±0.16 ft)
Level Accuracy ±0.05 % FS (linearity and hysteresis)
Lifetime at 1h Reading Intervals min. 1.5 years (high quality battery types like Alkaline batteries)
Measuring Range 0 – 13 ft (0 – 4 m)
Memory 4 MB non-volatile
Number of Measured Values 500000
Operating Temperature Range +23 – +113 °F (-5 – +45 °C) (ice-free)
Power Supply 3 x 1.5 V LR6-cells Alkaline
Protection Class Communication Unit: IP 67
Sensor: IP 68
Reading Interval 1 s – 24 h
Resolution 0.01 ft; 0.001 psi (0.001 m; 0.1 cm; 0.1 mbar)
Standard storage temperature -40 – +185 °F (-40 – +85 °C)
Storage Interval 1 s – 24 h
Temperature Accuracy ±0.9 °F (±0.5 °C)
Temperature Range -13 – +158 °F (-25 – +70 °C) (ice-free)
Temperature Resolution 0.01 °F (0.01 °C)
Imagen de OTT Orpheus Mini
Imagen de OTT Orpheus Mini
Imagen de OTT Orpheus Mini

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