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NIKA – Neutron Dose Rate Monitoring

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NIKA is the first ENVINET system to be fitted with a neutron dose rate detector. To launch this new product range, we have developed a transportable system that is ideally suited for permanent outdoor use.

Like all ENVINET detectors, NIKA is set up to be directly integrated in NMC networks. In order to detect the neutron dose rate, NIKA can be added to existing and new monitoring networks at any time.

Its compact design and powerful solar panel mean the system is suitable for both mobile and network-independent deployment. The probe is easy to commission, enabling both temporary readings and permanent installation with minimum effort.

Key Features:

  • Detection of the neutron dose rate in H*(10)
  • Network-independent power supply, thanks to a solar panel and battery
  • Independent operation around the clock (central Europe)
  • Mobile and easy installation
  • Robust design, handles for ease of use, locking option
  • Cordless operation via Bluetooth
  • Integrated LTE/GPRS communication
  • Integrated GPS
  • Integrated data logger for 10 years
  • Remotely configurable
  • Configurable alert thresholds
  • Graphic user interface for on-site service
  • Communication protocol is compatible with MIRA
  • Three user-configurable measurement intervals (e.g. 10 mins, 1 h, 24 h)


  • Power plant control
  • Interim storage control
Imagen de NIKA – Neutron Dose Rate Monitoring


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