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MTP-5H is the original member of the family. It makes measurements up to 1000 m above the instrument and gives the same performance in all weather conditions. It is compact and operates from 12 VDC (a bench-type AC-DC power supply unit is included). The rotating scanner assembly is protected by a special cover that has very good transmission. The cover sheds precipitation and allows compensation for dirt during the self-calibration. A high accuracy ambient temperature sensor forms part of the self-calibration system. A mounting frame is included, and cables for the temperature sensor, power and RS 232 data communication to a PC (not included).


Typically temperature inversions that cause bad air quality events occur well below 1000 m, if they are higher than this there is not normally a problem.


Altitude resolution is 50 m and the temperature accuracy is 0.2o C to 1.2o C or better. The field of view is a 3o cone. The only routine maintenance is to periodically clean scanner cover. MTP-5H is ideal for use in urban environments and at airports and operates from -40o C to +50o C.

Main characteristics

Altitude range 0 to 1000 m
Displayed height interval 50 m
Altitude accuracy 25 %
Minimum measurement interval 180 s
Temperature accuracy, RMS 0.2o C to 1.2o C or better
Receiver sensitivity 0.04o C
Power requirements MTP-5 12 VDC / 120 W
Operating temperature range -40o C to +50o C

Imagen de MTP-5H

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