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LIFETEK PMS is a control unit for continual monitoring of atmospheric particles, using the gravimetric method, on a filtering membrane having a diameter of 47 mm. The sequential replacement system of the membrane, holding up to 16 filters, along with the electronic flow control, allow continual unmanned monitoring; it also allows to replace the exposed filters without having to stop the sampling under way. A thermo-regulated and differentiated conditioning and heating system allows to use the booth under extreme environmental conditions without affecting the electronic components and keeping the sampled filters at controlled temperature. The sequential system can also be equipped with sensors for the detection of meteorological parameters (wind speed and direction, humidity, etc), or interfaced with an existing meteorological unit, acquiring the relevant values.

  • rotary pump (6m3/h) operating range: 5 ÷ 70 l/min.
  • temperature sensors (ambient, filter, filter housing, gas meter), pressure sensors (barometric and vacuum)
  • environmental sampling at constant flow rate: PTS, PM10, PM2,5 e PM1, in compliance with European and American standards
  • alarm notification, even through GSM module
  • low sound emission pump – Acoustic power: LW 70.6 dB (A)

The parameters can be certified, on request, by EN 17025 accreditated laboratories.


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