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LI-610 Portable Dew Point Generator

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The LI-610 Portable Dew Point Generator is a rugged, portable instrument that provides a stream of gas with a precisely controlled dew point. High accuracy and stability make the LI-610 an ideal water vapor source for field or laboratory use in the environmental and biological sciences. The LI-610 is commonly used to calibrate the H2channel of gas analyzers or other precision sensors, and provide precise control over water vapor mole fraction in environmentally regulated chambers.

  • NIST certified
  • Generates stable dew points from 0 to 50 °C
  • Accuracy of ± 0.2 °C dew point
  • Completely portable and self-contained (battery or AC operated)
  • No need for gas tanks and mixing systems
  • Millivolt output of dew point temperature for data acquisition
  • External control via 0-5 V input signal

NIST calibration of the LI-610 Portable Dew Point Generator

NIST Dew Point (°C) LI-610 Pressure Corrected Dew Point (°C) Error (LI-610/NIST) (°C) LI-610 Indicated Dew Point (°C) Flow Rate (cc/min)
0.81 0.92 +0.11 1.00 1000
0.83 0.96 +0.13 1.00 500
9.78 9.91 +0.13 10.00 1000
9.80 9.96 +0.16 10.00 500
19.80 19.95 +0.15 20.00 500
19.78 19.90 +0.12 20.00 1000
19.74 19.84 +0.10 20.00 2500
Imagen de LI-610 Portable Dew Point Generator

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