Laser Precipitation Monitor

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The acquisition comprises the types of precipitation, intensity and the spectrum. All measuring values are available for the user via an RS485/422 interface. In addition, the instrument is equipped with two further digital outputs (opto-couplers), which output, for ex., pulses and state of precipitation. The optical components are equipped with an integrated heating.


Part number:
Meas. principle
laser beam
Particle size
0.16 … 8 mm
Particle speed
0.2 … 20 m/s
< 0.005 … > 250 mm/h
Error intensity -/ quantity measurement
±5% at adjustment under laboratory conditions with a specific test system with the permissible tolerance of ± 5%. Each LNM is supplied with a factory acceptance certificate after passing the calibration.
< 15% rain 0,5… 20mm/h
< 30% snow (WS < 3m/s)
Precipitation types
drizzle (also freezing)
rain (also freezing)
snow grains / ice needles
soft hail / ice grains
comparing with synoptic observation
drizzle > 97%
rain > 99%
hail > 97%*
snow > 99%
soft hail > 85%
snow grains > 60%
*According to human observer
Laser diode
786 nm, max. 0.5 mW
Laser class
1M (EN60825-1:1994 A2:2001)
Data output digital
RS485 / 422, potential isolation and
2 impulse outputs, potential isolation
1200 … 115200 Baud
Output type
ASCII, Synop, Metar @ RS485 / 422
frequency @ impulse outputs
Resolution intensity
0.001 mm/h @ RS485 / 422
Resolution quantity
0,001 mm @ RS485 / 422
0.1 mm, 0,01 mm, 0,005 mm @ impulse outputs
Ambient temp.
-40 … +70 °C
IP 65
Ø 270 x 170 x 540 mm
4.8 kg
Imagen de Laser Precipitation Monitor

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