Groundstation SR10 portable

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The main mission of the SR10 radiosonde station is to acquire P,T,U and wind data, measured and transmitted by a radiosonde in the upper layers of the atmosphere.


Processing of the raw data received

GPS reference station for differential calculation
Data archiving on a hard disk or other computer media
Real-time display of data in the form of graphs and/or listings
Probe programming
GPS re-transmitter for initialization of the probes within a room
Ground calibration of Temperature (T) and Humidity (U) sensors
Data processing, in real time in a specific application such as the STAR calculator of Meteo France.
Edition of WMO messages (TEMP, PILOT, BUFR).
Transmission of messages by ethernet network

Windows 7 Workstation, Desktop or Laptop


– Very light and compact receiver

– Self-testing with diagnostic display for easy maintenance
– Omni-directional antennas, easy handling and installation
– Compatibility with ex-generation GPS


Dimensions: Receiver: 150mm - 185mm - 65mm
Weight: 1.3 kg
Consumption: 10 W max
Outputs: USB
Programming interface: cable with connector
GPS receiver: 12 channels
PC workstation: desktop or laptop


Receiver: Synthesizer 400 - 406 MHz
Range:> 350 Km
Modulation: PSK
Imagen de Groundstation SR10 portable
Imagen de Groundstation SR10 portable

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