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The ENOM tunnel monitor measures the concentration of Nitric Oxide (NO) within an ambient environment such as road and rail tunnels or other industrial applications. These measurements can be used as part of an air quality management system for ventilation control.

The ENOM is a fixed sensor, which uses an electrochemical cell for NO detection. The ENOM consists of a Sender Unit and a ‘plug-in’ Sensor Module, which are mounted together on the wall or ceiling of the tunnel. The Sensor Module is pre-calibrated and stores all necessary data relating to type identification, sensing range and specific calibration. This data is automatically recognised by the Sender Unit when the module is fitted.

Measurement Performance

No. Parameter Units Min Max Comment
1 Measurement Range ppm 0 50
2 Resolution ppm 1 Display resolution
3 Accuracy ppm
4 Response Time seconds 40
5 Temperature Stability % -3 +3 Over full temperature range
6 Span Drift % /
-1 +1
7 Calibration Interval Months 6 12 Recalibrate or replace sensor module


No. Parameter Units Min Max Comment
8 Voltage Vdc +24 90-260 Vac with optional PSU
9 Voltage Tolerance % -10 +10
10 Nominal Current Consumption mA 40
11 Power Up Current Consumption mA 50

Interface Options

No. Parameter Units Min Max Comment
12 Analogue Output mA 4 20 (ESU-420 only)
13 Serial Output Modbus RTU via RS485 (ESU-485 only)


No. Parameter Units Min Max Comment
14 Ingress Protection IP65 Gas port IP54
15 Operating Temperature °C -20 +50
16 Operating Humidity % 15 90 Non condensing
17 Ambient Pressure mBar 800 1100
18 Regulatory Compliance 2014/30/EU (Electromagnetic Radiation)
2014/35/EU (Low Voltage)
94/9/EC (ATEX)
19 Materials Reinforced Polymer
20 Dimensions mm 140 x 98 x 57
21 Weight kg 0.6
22 Warranty Months 24 Return to base warranty. Extensions available


Imagen de ENOM

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