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The Dropsonda is the latest innovation from Meteomodem’s R&D department. Based on the technology of the M10 radiosonde, the Dropsonda allows to establish a vertical atmospheric profile from the plane level to the ground, measuring the PTU and wind parameters (Direction and Speed) during the descent. The particular design of the instrument ensures consistent measurement and high-quality data transmission in real time.

The Dropsonda sounding system consists of a receiver adapted to aeronautical imperatives (receiver installed on the plane), omnidirectional radio and GPS antennas and finally a software dedicated to these atmospheric measurements.


– Based on M10 probe technology, famous and well-known instrument in the international market and OMM
– Multiple monitoring of probes by the receiver.
– Lightweight and robust with proven efficiency in the field in test episodes in Alaska especially
– Special design of the parachute allowing optimal results in descent


Research: studies of tempests and storms (especially hurricanes), Atmospheric research
Military: Atmospheric Research

Dimensions : 35.9 cm in length Technology : 9 V alkaline
  : 6.8 cm in diameter Autonomy : 2 h
Weight : 230 g (including batteries) Package : 1-battery
Sensor type : Thermistor General : Differential correction
Measurement range : -100°C to +60°C Altitude range : 45 km
Resolution : 0.01°C Position accuracy : 10 m
Absolute accuracy : 0.3°C Horizontal wind accuracy : 0.15 m/s
Repeatability : 0.1°C Wind direction accuracy : 1 °
Reproducibility : 0.2°C Position resolution : 0.01 m
Response time : <1 s (1000 hPa, 20°C) Horizontal wind resolution : 0.01 m/s
Measurement rate : 1 Hz Wind direction resolution : 0.1°
    Measurement rate : 1 Hz
Sensor type : Capacitve Compliant with European standard ETSI EN 302054
Measurement range : 0% to 100% Frequency range : 400 to 406 MHz
Resolution : 0.1% Frequency step : 200 kHz
Absolute accuracy : 3% Frequency setting : By infrared link
Repeatability : 2% Maximum drift : 1 kHz
Reproducibility : 2% Output Power : 200 mW
Response time : <2 s (1000 hPa, 20°C) Modulation type : PSK
Measurement rate : 1 Hz    




Calculated from GPS altitude   Factory calibration : Stored on Flash memory
Range : 1100 to 3 hPa    
Accuracy : 0.5 hPa at 500 hPa OPTION  
Reproducibility : 0.2 hPa at 100 hPa Barometer  
Resolution : 0.1 hPa    
Imagen de Dropsonde
Imagen de Dropsonde
Imagen de Dropsonde
Imagen de Dropsonde


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