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Digital flow calibrator A1-AIRCAL

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The digital flow calibrator, model A1-AIRCAL, checks the calibration of the principle parameters measured by the samplers (pressure, flow and temperature) using the Venturi principle effect, whereby “the pressure of a fluid current increases with decreasing speed”.
Two different cells, for medium and high flow, can be connected to the instrument to verify both PM10 /PM2,5 sequential samplers and high volume samplers for micro-pollutants and fine dust.
The measuring cell fittings are compatible with Mega System sampling heads while adapters are available for other brands.
This unit is unique on the market, as it has digital sensors for differential pressure, static pressure and barometric pressure. It also hosts a highly precise integrated temperature sensor.
These features ensure increased accuracy and stability of the calibrator readings.
A1-AIRCAL allows traceability of all stored measurements, which may be downloaded via USB port directly onto a Pen Drive.

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