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Overview of CTair Air Quality Monitor and Analyzer:

Compact, cordless, easy to use, high accuracy sensing. The CTair revolutionizes the air quality monitoring network industry in both urban and industrial settings. Understanding localized air pollution and the potential impact it may have on health is fundamental to both facility structure and planning.
The CTair monitoring station is a fixed unit that collects information from a variety of sensors and presents the data in an easy-to-understand graphical interface. By applying information collected from multiple data points, the CTair allows the user to gain a complete understanding of the chemical compounds being monitored. It has been designed to be dispatched into a network of CTair units. Due to its lightweight design, the CTair unit can easily be installed and mounted to a light fixture or utility pole.
Mesh Networking System
Rather than each CTair operating independently; a grid of CTair units creates a unique mesh network. All units communicate together through hubs, operating through an encrypted LoRa Mesh network.

Each CTair has a built-in redundancy; should a unit fail to communicate, data will be rerouted to another unit ensuring minimal loss.

Flexible Sensing and Compact Design:

The CTair has been designed to hold multiple individual sensors. These can be specified from a list of over 50+ traceable chemical compounds (a list can be found on our website under ‘sensor technology’). The CTair has been built to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 °C to 50 °C, through the use of our heating module.


Maximum Sensors: up to 13, including pressure, temperature, relative humidity, GPS. (Click here for full sensor list)
Type of Sensors: PID, NDIR, EC, Laser Particulate Counter


Sampling Rate: 10 – 30 second intervals


Power Requirements: 100-240 v 50/60 Hz 2A OR attachable solar panel unit can be used.


Communication: Long range RF (default) cellular 3G / 4G (default), WiFi (optional)
On Board Data Storage: 64gb SD Card
Cloud Server: Included by default
Local Server: Optional
Software: Free access to SIMS for life of product


Temperature Range: –40 °C to 40 °C


Manual Calibration: Using calibration gas and on-board screen


Warranty: 24 months full warranty on all parts including sensors
Sensor Replacement: Sensor dependent; first 2 years are covered by warranty


Cabinet: NEMA 4X
IP Rating: IP65
Mounting Hardware: Wall mounting hardware included, pole mounting hardware available


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