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The BS2-T is ADEC’s smart IoT gateway for traffic data acquisition. It collects traffic data (individual vehicle records) from up to three TDC1-PIR traffic detectors and forwards the traffic data to the ADEC cloud. When connected to grid power / mains, the device can manage up to 8 traffic detectors. The built-in logic obtains the traffic data, aggregates them if configured to do so, and transmits them via 3G to the ADEC cloud. Data is transmitted securely to the IoT. The BS2-T is a highly optimized all-in one solution where charging circuitry, communication and power management are integrated into a small, efficient device.


  • Collects & transmits traffic data
    Individual vehicle or interval data for one, two or five-minute intervals
  • Wireless communication
    Integrates Quad-Band GSM modem
  • Integrated power source for up to three TDC1-PIR traffic detector
    To monitor up to three traffic lanes, also permits operation of up to 6 TDC3 traffic detectors (only for BS2-T)
  • Sends traffic data to remote database
    Uses inexpensive and low-bandwith dataplan to transmit traffic data to ADEC cloud allowing simple browser access
  • End-To-End traffic data acquisition solution
    From the detector to the browser – all components from one supplier
  • Wide operating temperature range –20 to +60ºC (–4 to +140ºF)
    Optimal performance in all weather and climate conditions
Imagen de BS2-T
Imagen de BS2-T
Imagen de BS2-T
Imagen de BS2-T
Imagen de BS2-T
Imagen de BS2-T

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