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The BS2-Px is ADECs smart IoT gateway for parking management applications. The device relays occupancy changes from Parking Occupancy Detectors (ADEC POD) to the ADEC cloud. The BS2-P IoT gateway is equipped with a 3G modem and RF transceiver to communicate with the PODs. Data is transmitted securely from the PODs to the Internet. The small form factor and light weight – even when equipped with PVC solar panel and battery – make it suitable device for most installation locations. The BS2-P is a highly optimized all-in one solution where charging circuitry, communication and power management are integrated into a small, versatile device.



10 Ah para 5 días de funcionamiento autónomo
Panel solar Policristalino, 10W


RF en banda sin licencia (p. ej., 868 MHz) Rango: 1000 m (línea de visión), 250 m (min.)
Red GSM (2G/3G)
Dimensiones Véase el diagrama
Carcasa Carcasa de plástico resistente al agua
Peso aprox. 3,5 kg (7,7 lbs) todo incluido
Temperatura de


de -20° a +55°C (de -4° a +160°F)
Humedad máx. 95% (sin condensación)
Protección IP IP 64
Imagen de BS2-P
Imagen de BS2-P
Imagen de BS2-P
Imagen de BS2-P
Imagen de BS2-P


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