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Designed to be simple to use and to maintain, the Axiom F6 Datalogger eliminates the need to take a laptop and cables into the field because it incorporates an easy to operate, touchscreen user interface. With no laptop malfunctions, dead batteries, or forgotten cables, our customers make fewer on-site maintenance visits, saving significant amount of time and money.

The Axiom F6 Datalogger can be configured with GOES/Meteosat and/or AirTalk radio voice communication to provide on-demand weather conditions and alerts via a digitized voice directly to a hand-held short-range radio.

Display /
• Graphical color touch screen display, 3.65”
(diagonal), QVGA (320×240 pixels).
• Display is transflective (readable in low light and
outdoors in bright daylight)
• Displays system status, configuration, stored data
(graphical and tabular) and provides system
configuration and troubleshooting/diagnostics.
• Displays voltage and current separately for battery
and solar panel and battery temperature.
• Supports troubleshooting, configuration and
• Display is sealed from moisture penetration.
CPU • (2) CPUs total, both low-power RISC.
• Main CPU is 200MHz 32-bit ARM.
• Sensor collector is 10MHz.
Memory/storage • 64MB RAM
• 256MB fixed physical, non-volatile flash memory for
data and program storage.
• Data is stored in a circular 10MB buffer (oldest data
overwritten by newest when buffer full).
• Memory holds approximately 5.9 years of EMAS data
prior to earliest data being overwritten.
Device ports • 2 waterproof USB 2.0 host ports, 1.5Mbps and 12
Mbps, support for flash memory and other USBcompliant devices.
• 1 waterproof USB 2.0 12 Mbps device port with
automatic PC detect.
• Support for USB bar code readers—meta data table.
population and sample bottle logging.
• Supports USB keyboard and mouse.
• GOES RF output: N-type jack
• GPS RF input: SMA jack.
Sensor ports • Waterproof, color-coded, military-style connectors
• Dedicated ports for:
• wind speed (frequency input)
• wind direction (potentiometer input)
• rain gauge (counter)
• temperature (thermistor, 0-20 mA)
• humidity (thermistor, 0-1.0V)
• fuel stick (thermistor, 0-1.0V)
• 2 independent SDI-12 V1.3 ports, expandable using
external expansion modules to support up to 61
digital sensors.
• Optional, configurable analog-to-SDI expansion module to
connect legacy analog sensors (terminal strips).
Serial ports: • 1 external, waterproof, military style bayonet

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