1468 Vane anemometer

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for mobile or stationary use. The cost-saving variant (1468) transmits an active, analogous output signal. It does not require any auxiliary power and has robust aluminum blades. High resolution, especially low starting values, and a large temperature range of application are characteristics of the variants with inductive proximity switches acc. to NAMUR. Bidirectional flow measurement is made possible with unit (1468 S9) by two inductive sensors and a rotational direction indicator.

  • 10 blade impeller warrants fast response
  • wear-resistant measuring elements
  • 3 variants for specific requirements available
  • cable length 3m
Id-No. 00.14680.020400 (1468) • 00.14683.015070 (1468 I507) • 00.14689.005020 (1468 S9)
Measuring range 0.1 (0.5)…20 m/s
Starting value (1468): 0.5 m/s • (1468 I507) / (1468 S9): 0.1 m/s


(1468): 0…4 mA = 0…20 m/s • Ra = 105 Ω

(1468 I507): 300 Hz ± 6 Hz at 10 m/s

(1468 S9): 2 x 170 Hz ± 4 Hz at 20 m/s

Internal resistance (1468 I507) / (1468 S9): ~ 1 kΩ
Imagen de 1468 Vane anemometer

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