Wind Transmitter First Class Advanced 4.3352.00.000

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Part number: 4.3352.00.000
The wind transmitter is designed for the acquisition of the horizontal component of the wind velocity in the field of meteorology and environ- mental measuring technology, evaluation of location, and measurement of capacity characteristics of wind power systems. In the plain country the wind transmitter meets all requirements of IEC 61400-12-1 Edition 2.0 for an Instrument of the accuracy class 0.9.
Special characters are a defined and optimised, dynamic behaviour also at high turbulence intensity, minimal over-speeding, and a low starting value.
The measuring value is available at the output as digital signal. It can be transmitted
to display instruments, recording instruments, data loggers as well as to process control systems.
For winter operation the instrument (4.3352.00.000) is equipped with an electronically regulated heating, which guarantees a smooth running of the ball bearings, and prevents the shaft and slot from icing-up.


Part number: 4.3352.00.000

Wind speed
Measuring range
0 … 75 m/s
< 1 % of meas. value (0.3 … 50 m/s)
or < ±0.2 m/s
r > 0.99999 ( 4 … 20 m/s )
Inclined flow
< 0.1% ( mean deviation from cosinus line at12 m/s ; ±20 ° )
Delay distance
< 3 m ( aac. to ASTM D 5096-96 )
Data output digital
1082 Hz @ 50 m/s
Operating voltage
3.3 … 48 V DC
130 µA from 3,3 … 15 V
180 µA > 15 V … 48 V
24 V AC/DC, max 25 W
Ambient temp.
-50 … +80 °C
Electr. connection
8 pol. plug connection
onto mast tube Ø 1«
IP 55
Survival speed
80 m/s ( min. 30 minutes )
0.5 kg
Fixing boring
Ø 35 x 25 mm
Matirial housing
aluminium, anodised
Material cup star
carbon-fiber glass reinforced
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