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The Scentroid TR8 Plus Pollutracker is a complete air quality monitor and mobile laboratory. Users can measure ambient air quality & greenhouse gases due to it using up to 10 sensors and analyzers including photo-ionization detectors (PID) sensors, non-dispersive Infrared (NDIR) sensors, electrochemical, and metal oxide sensors. Each Pollutracker includes a built-in 10″ touchscreen interface, on-device data logging, wireless transfer via email, remote (internet-based) firmware updates, built-in sampling pump, simultaneous data analysis of gases, built-in rechargeable battery, and an on-screen calibration procedure.

Also Includes a sampling pump and Scentroid’s Pollutracker tracker application that can be loaded to any customer supplied Android phone/tablet. 10 chemical sensors can be specified at the time of ordering. For each sample location, Scentroid instantaneously records:

  • Concentration of two chemical vapours in ppm or ppb depending on sensors ordered
  • Temperature and humidity
  • GPS position of each measurement
  • Continuously for remote monitoring via Bluetooth

Pollutracker TR8+ Applications:

Measure ambient H2S, Ammonia, Total VOC, and other chemical concentrations
Determine H2S, Ammonia, VOCs, and other chemicals emissions from various types of sources
Determine emission trends through 24+ hour data logging
Verify sample loss due to transportation
Validate dispersion models through emission measurements

Pollutracker TR8+ Basics of Operation:

Connect to Pollutracker via Bluetooth
See chemical readings live
Take snapshot readings of H2S, Ammonia, VOCs, another chemical compositions, GPS position, Temperature, and humidity.
Activate recording for continuous data logging
Export data for reporting and post analysis

Pollutracker TR8+ Capabilities:

The Scentroid Pollutracker includes a sampling pump with adjustable sampling rate, up to 10 chemical sensors that are specified at the time of ordering, and Scentroid’s Pollutracker Application that can be loaded to any customer supplied Android phone/tablet. For each sample location, Scentroid instantaneously records:

The concentration of up to 10 chemical vapours in ppm or ppb depending on sensors ordered
Measure Temperature and Humidity
Record GPS position of each measurement
Measure directly from ambient air
Can record continuously for remote monitoring via Bluetooth

TR8 Plus pollutracker can also be used as the perfect tool for flue analysis! Using the TR8 plus can provide an effective way to gather reliable combustion data through the measuring of temperature, oxygen, and carbon dioxide. *Make sure the usage purpose is specified at time of ordering, to allow the Scentroid staff to create the perfect combination of sensors for your needs.

Flexible and Cost Effective Solution:

The Scentroid Pollutracker Plus builds on the established Odotracker by providing extended number of sensors. This instrument can measure all common contaminants including: SO2, CO, CO2, H2S, Methane, VOCs, Ethelene, PM2.5, PM10, and more. The chemicals and the range are selectable at the time of ordering.

PolluTracker Weight:

15 lbs


Maximum Sensors: 10 (Click here for full sensor list)
Type of Sensors: PID, NDIR, EC, laser particulate counter, MOS


Sampling Rate: Adjustable from 1/s to 1/m
Sampling Ports: 1 to 2
Sampling Range: Range depends on active sensors
Initiation Time: 5 minutes to 6 hours depending on sensors
Settling Time: 0.5 seconds to 8 seconds depending on sensors
Pressure Range: 80 – 120 kPa
Additional Parameters Measured: Temperature, relative humidity, GPS position


Battery Life: 24 hours


Communication: Bluetooth connection with any android device


Temperature Range: -30 to 50 °C
Humidity Range:  15 – 90% relative humidity


Manual Calibration: Using calibration gas and on-board screen
Automatic Calibration: Optional, using built-in calibration gas


Warranty: 24 months full warranty on all parts including sensors
Sensor Replacement: Sensor dependent; first 2 years are covered by warranty


Casing: Heavy duty pelican case ensures components are kept safe



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