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MTP 5-PE (Polar Extended range) uses a similar receiver to the MTP-5HE. However, it is designed to provide much improved altitude resolution, down to 10 m in the first 100 m range. This is important for measurements over snow and ice, where temperature gradients can be very steep over small height increments. Similar effects can be observed over desert surfaces.



microwave radiometer

To achieve this improved resolution a much narrower field-ofview of 1o C is required, and the scanner moves in smaller angular steps. A larger capture area is needed in order to maintain the signal-to-noise performance. Therefore, the scanner assembly is larger than for the other models. The radiometer and electronics have additional stabilisation and modifications for operation in typical Polar conditions down to -80o C, as encountered in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Main characteristics

Altitude range 0 to 1000 m
Step on height 10-25-50 m
Altitude accuracy 25 %
Minimum measurement interval 180 s
Temperature accuracy, RMS 0.2o C to 1.2o C
Receiver sensitivity 0.07o
Power requirements MTP-5 12 VDC / 120 W (60 W average)
Calibration automatic
Testing automatic
Overall dimensions 390 x 810 mm
Weight 25 kg
Imagen de MTP-5PE


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