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Model 6030 Ozone Analyzer

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The Model 6030 Ozone Analyzer provides an accurate and convenient means of measuring low levels of ozone in ambient air. Using the Beer-Lambert law, ozone is measured in a single photometric cell by detecting the absorption of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from ozone molecules at a wavelength of 254 nm. Real-time comparison of the UV light intensity for the sample gas to the reference gas yields a precise concentration of ozone.

The single cell design reduces the complexity of the ozone measurement and automatically eliminates zero drift. Advanced, easy to use, menu-driven software allows access to sample conditions and diagnostics and the strip chart feature allows the user to view a time series plot for ozone readings.

The 6030 Analyzer offers a bright color display, data logging capability and advanced communications via Ethernet, USB and RS-232/485

EPA Approved Ranges: 0-50 ppb, 0-500 ppb or 0-1 ppm <
Noise: 0.2 ppb
Lower Detectable Limit: < 0.4 ppb
Zero Drift: < 1.0 ppb per month
Span Drift: < 1% per month
Cycle Time: 8 seconds (4 sec. each half-cycle)
Precision: < 0.5% of Reading
Linearity: < 1% of Full Scale
Sample Flow Rate: 0.5 to 1 Liter per Minute (LPM)
Operating Temperature: 5° to 45°C (with EPA Equivalency)
Operating Humidity: 0 to 90% (Non-condensing)
Power Requirements: Universal Power Supply, 90-264 VAC, 100 VA, 50/60 Hz
Voltage Output Ranges: 0.1V, 1V, 2V, 5V, 10V, user selectable
Input/Output Ports: Rear Panel: Ethernet, USB Device, USB Host (2), RS-232/485 (2)
Physical Dimensions: 5.25 in. x 17 in. x 22.5 in.
(H x W x D): (133 x 432 x 571.5 mm)
Weight: 23 lbs. (10.3 kg)

Imagen de Model 6030 Ozone Analyzer


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