METEON Data Logger

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METEON Data Logger

METEON is an accurate hand-held unit to be used in combination with a passive (non-powered) radiometer to display and record measurements of solar irradiance. Its small size, long battery life and accurate single voltage input make it an ideal tool for many test and field applications.

METEON can be used with:

  • CMP pyranometers
  • CM4
  • SP Lite2
  • NR Lite2
  • CUV5
  • PQS1

Configuration with a computer is simple, using the supplied Windows™ software and USB interface cable. Just select the Kipp & Zonen radiometer type from a list, enter its sensitivity, and the correct measuring range is automatically selected. METEON will now display real-time solar irradiance values in W/m2, or Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) in µ-mol/m2.s.

The input is bi-polar, so the large 4-digit display can show both positive and negative values and METEON can be configured for other types of sensors with an analogue output up to 200 mV.

METEON measure twice per second and the data logging function can be configured to store values at a selectable interval. Each of these samples comprises the minimum, maximum and integral values over the logging interval and up to 3500 samples can be stored. The logger will run for up to 50 days continuously on two AA internal batteries. The memory is non-volatile and data is not lost when the unit is switched off or the batteries are changed.

METEON is delivered in a tough carrying case together with:

  • 2 x AA alkaline batteries
  • Software on a CD-ROM
  • USB interface cable

The carrying case has space inside for a radiometer (except for the NR Lite2) with 10m of cable, to make a complete portable irradiance measurement kit. METEON can be supplied as a package with a radiometer, pre-configured, so that it works out of the box. Please note that METEON is not weather-proof for use outdoors in all conditions.

Data can be downloaded whilst the METEON is logging. The software calculates the average irradiance from the integral values and the logging interval and presents the data graphically. The graph can be copied to documents and the data can be exported in text format to spreadsheets.


Analogue inputs 1 x bi-polar 16-bit
Input ranges 6.25 mV to 200 mV
Accuracy 0.1 %
Batteries 2 x AA internal
Battery life Up to 50 days operation
Operational temperature range -10 °C to +40 °C
Power consumption < 2 mA during measurement
Internal memory size 3518 samples
Input connection 2 x 4 mm banana plug
Communication USB
Imagen de METEON Data Logger
Imagen de METEON Data Logger
Imagen de METEON Data Logger
Imagen de METEON Data Logger
Imagen de METEON Data Logger


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