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The CROSSFLOW is an open path, cross bore air flow monitor designed to measure air speed and direction in multi-lane and bidirectional tunnels.  The system uses reliable ultrasonic transit time measurements between a pair of transceivers which are mounted and aligned on either side of the tunnel.

The CROSSFLOW is a self-contained, intelligent analyser with industry standard SCADA / PLC interface options including Current Outputs, Digital Relays and RS485 (Modbus RTU). The wall mounted alignment bracketry and quick lock cable plugs ensure the CROSSFLOW is easy to install and commission. With no moving parts the CROSSFLOW is very easy to maintain, there are no regular offline servicing requirements beyond an annual check and clean.


Measurement Performance (Air Flow)

No. Parameter Units Min Max Comment
1 Measuring Principle Ultrasonic transit time (open path)
2 Measurement Path m 5 25
3 Measurement Range m/s
User selectable
(also available as ft/min or kph)
4 Measurement Angle deg 30 60
5 Resolution m/s 0.1 Display resolution
6 Accuracy m/s

Relative to reading
7 Damping seconds 1 999 User selectable
(Response time ~3x damping)

Measurement Performance (Air Temperature)

No. Parameter Units Min Max Comment
8 Measuring Principle RTD
9 Measurement Range °C -20 +70 User selectable (also available °F)
10 Resolution °C 0.1 Display resolution
11 Accuracy °C -0.5 +0.5
12 Damping seconds 1 999 User selectable
(Response time ~3x damping)


No. Parameter Units Min Max Comment
13 Voltage Vdc +24
14 Voltage Tolerance % -10 +10
15 Nominal Current Consumption mA 300
16 Power Up Current Consumption mA 300

Inferface Options

No. Parameter Units Min Max Comment
17 Serial Outputs Modbus RTU via RS485
External USB
18 Analogue Outputs (two) mA 0 /2 /4 20 Isolated and scalable (user selected)
19 Digital Relay Contacts (three) A 0 3 @30Vdc (signal level and data vaild)


No. Parameter Units Min Max Comment
20 Ingress Protection IP67
21 Operating Temperature °C -25 +55
22 Operating Humidity % 100
23 Operating Pressure hPa 600 1100
24 Materials
Transceiver Enclosure

AISI/SAE 316L Stainless steel
25 Dimensions mm 96 x 158 x 197 Each head (without dust tube)
26 Weight kg 2.5 Each head
27 Regulatory Compliance 2014/30/EU (Electromagnetic Radiation)
2014/35/EU (low Voltage)
28 Design Life Years 20
29 MTBF Years >20
29 Warranty Months 24 Return to base warranty. Extensions available


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