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The baro transmitter measures the “absolute air pressure” of the atmosphere at the site. It is designed for application in the field of environmental protection, where high accuracy, quick responding behaviour, long-term stability and reliability are required.
The instrument is suited for in- and outdoor application. A tempered piezo-ceramic sensor for absolute pressure is used, which is characterized by thermal and mechanical stability.
The electric connection is done via an 8-pole terminal strip and a special screwed cable
gland with smoothing function for air pressure.


Part number:

Air pressure
Measuring range
260 … 1260 hPa for RS485 output
260 … 1260 hPa for frequency output
for analogue output see models
with heating
± 0,25 hPa @ -40 … +65 °C @ 800 … 1100 hPa
± 0,50 hPa @ -40 … +65 °C @ 600 … 800 hPa
without heating
± 1 hPa @ -40 … +65 °C @ 600 … 1100 hPa
Long-term stability
± 0.1 hPa / Year
Data output digital
Output type
RS485 and
Impulse output
Operating voltage
5 … 24 V DC ( for digital outputs only) otherwise
12 … 24 V DC
Current consumption
10 mA max. @ 12 V
12 … 24 V DC, max. 115 mA @ 12 V
Ambient temp.
-40 … +65 °C
Electr. connection
terminal strip
110 x 82 x 57 mm
0.15 kg
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