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Like the H2 Datalogger, the Axiom H1 Datalogger is a rugged data logger (DCP) designed for remote data collection and SDI-12 sensor applications. It features two independent, electrically isolated SDI-12 ports that can each handle up to 500mA, and an integrated solar regulator (H1RS model only) and no need for laptop as all programming is via graphical touchscreen interface.

The Axiom H1 Datalogger provides the uncompromising reliability, extreme rugged construction and does not need to be placed in a weatherproof enclosure.

Display/touchscreen: Graphical color touch screen display, 3.65” (diagonal), QVGA (320×240 pixels).

Display is transflective (readable in low light and outdoors in bright daylight)

Displays system status, configuration, stored data (graphical and tabular) and provides system

configuration and troubleshooting diagnostics.

Displays voltage and current separately for battery and solar panel and battery temperature.

Supports troubleshooting, configuration and programming.

CPU: Two (2) CPUs total, both low-power RISC.

Main CPU is 200MHz 32-bit ARM.

Memory/storage: 64MB RAM

256MB fixed physical, non-volatile flash memory for data and program storage.

Data is stored in a circular 10MB buffer (oldest data overwritten by newest when buffer full).

Based on NFDRS logging criteria, 7,575 days (about 20 years) of data can be stored.

Device ports: 2 waterproof USB 2.0 host ports, 1.5Mbps and 12 Mbps, support for flash memory and other USBcompliant devices.

1 waterproof USB 2.0 12 Mbps device port with automatic PC detect.

Supports USB keyboard and mouse.

GOES RF output (for models with an integrated GOES transmitter): N-type jack

GPS RF input (for models with an integrated GOES transmitter): SMA jack

Sensor ports: Waterproof, color-coded, military-style connectors.

Dedicated ports (F6):

-wind speed (frequency input)
-wind direction (potentiometer input)
-rain gauge (counter)
-temperature & humidity (thermistor, 0-1.0V)
-fuel stick (thermistor, 0-1.0V)

Dedicated ports (H2):

-rain gauge (counter)
-2 (F6 and H1) or 4 (H2) independent SDI-12 V1.3 ports, expandable using external expansion
-modules to support up to 62 digital sensors.
-SDI ports each support up to 500mA and are electrically isolated.
-Optional, configurable analog-to-SDI expansion module (SDI-AM) to connect legacy analog sensors
(terminal strips).

Serial ports: Either:

-2 ports factory configured as internal GOES transmitter and one external, waterproof, military
style bayonet connector
-2 external, waterproof, military-style bayonet connectors
-One external, waterproof, military style bayonet connector

Signal levels: RS232C


Environmental sealing size, weight:

Waterproof to IP67, O-ring sealed, cast aluminum & stainless steel hardware, engineered resin bezel

Dimensions: 10” W x 8” H x 6”

Weight: approx. 8 lbs.

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